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Imagine ...

... a world in which charging an electric vehicle is as easy as charging your phone - be it using a charge cord or a wireless charging pad. 

Where no RFID card or smartphone authentication is needed, with secure communications and billing taking care of automatically in the background. A technology which even goes a step further and enables smart grid applications such as load control.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Guess what - It's not the future, the technology has already arrived. You just need to know how to use it for your business.


Charging station talks to EV

Master the Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G) communication

with the first-ever ISO 15118 Masterclass

Easy access to a future-proof EV charging standard

The standardization bodies ISO and IEC joined forces to specify a digital communication protocol between electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations called "Road vehicles - Vehicle-to-Grid Communication Interface", also known as ISO 15118.

The ISO 15118 Masterclass is your knowledge shortcut to perfectly understand how exactly this technology works. 
It starts off with two guides, for beginners and experts alike:



ISO 15118 goes Open-Source

The more a young standard becomes widely known, the more people can easily make use of it. To the same extent, the confidence in a new technology grows the more people have open access to it and can put it through its paces.

Fully-featured reference implementation

I therefore implemented RISE V2G, a fully-featured open source reference implementation of the ISO 15118 standard. Companies, research institutions, and other interested parties can use this software as a counterpart for their implementation of an ISO 15118-compliant charging station or electric vehicle. It has evolved as a highly appreciated solution by companies worldwide.

Currently, RISE V2G covers all aspects of ISO 15118-2 (requirements from the network up to the application layer), including all security related requirements, such as TLS communication and the handling of cryptographic key material to create and process digital signatures as well as X.509 certificates.


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Giving a standard wings with open source


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