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Welcome to your shortcut to a better understanding of the digital communication standard for charging electric vehicles.

Below, you'll find two guides developed for beginners and experts alike.

ISO 15118 Manual  Plug & Charge Video Tutorial

Watch this video to find out why you need these guides if you are serious about developing ISO 15118 products.

ISO 15118 Manual

Proven, Comprehensive, Easy to Understand.

ISO 15118 Manual cover

The ISO 15118 Manual is an e-book for beginners and experts alike that explains the Vehicle-to-Grid communication protocol in an in-depth and understandable way.





Get an extract from each chapter to see the quality and in-depth information you'll get in the full e-book. This e-book definitely helps you grow your expertise and positioning in the e-mobility market.

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Plug & Charge Video Tutorial

Putting the pieces together

The e-book gives you the perfect foundation. But to become a real V2G Master, you’ll need to fully understand Plug & Charge. The ISO 15118 standard only defines communication between electric vehicles and charging stations. But if you don't know how the Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) and e-mobility business processes work to bring the complete Plug & Charge experience to life, then it's as if you built a brand new and fascinating car - but forgot to put the engine in it.

Don't worry! With the resoures here, you'll be covered from A to Z. 

Plug & Charge Video tutorial

The Plug & Charge Video Tutorial will lift your ISO 15118 expertise to a new level.

The ISO 15118 Manual lays the foundation for a perfect understanding of the standard itself. The Plug & Charge Video Tutorial will build on this groundwork and expand on the intricacies within this ecosystem. 

Click below to watch the free intro of this 90 min video.


Ready to dive in and finally understand what ISO 15118 is all about?



of the ISO 15118 resources (eBook, video, and online courses)

What is the most important ingredient for success? Being more innovative than your competition. With these detailed, top-notch technology insights, you will be equipped to master the future of e-mobility charging and leverage your market positioning.

My approach is more comprehensive than anything on the market. I have one goal: to empower you with the knowledge and understanding you need to innovate, increase your expertise and market value, and educate others on this groundbreaking technology.

The e-book, video tutorial, and online courses are enough material for at least a two-week workshop. Thus, knowledge worth around 25.000 EUR is now available for a little fraction of its real value. An investment that is returned multiple times over.

Furthermore, the ISO 15118 Manual is way more comprehensible than the standard itself, thus saving you so much precious time! On top, I guide you around implementation pitfalls which again saves tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Transforming you into a real V2G master.

Interoperability is key for user acceptance and economies of scale, but at the same time a major technical challenge due to the huge amount of different implementations, individual use cases and requirements on a diverse global market.

The twice yearly Interoperability and Conformance Testing Symposium (see FAQ) is the most important event to test V2G implementations. Costs for shipping electric vehicles or charging stations to those events can be very high. Get better results and a better effort/value ratio for those testing symposia by being better prepared.

For the complete charging process to be carried out, several e-mobility stakeholders need to collaborate and exchange cryptographic key material and digital certificates. With my Plug & Charge Video Tutorial, you will get an exclusive and comprehensible access to the required business processes behind it - lifting the curtain so to say.

Based on the VDE application guide VDE-AR-2802-100-1. You won't get this knowledge anywhere else. As "Clarity" is one of my fundamental motivations, and as I am the leading author of this application guide, I make sure you get those "Aha" moments which makes things easier for you.

The ISO 15118 standard is still a relatively new-born child - which means that the early adopters are gaining their first experiences. So, selling an e-book which does not keep up with all the experiences made while implementing the standard does not make too much sense, right?

Therefore, if you buy an edition of the ebook and video tutorial once, you get lifetime updates on either one of them for FREE - be it errors corrected or new sections added. You don't want to miss out on that unique offer.

Have a look at the errata page of the ISO 15118 Manual to check what's new since the first release in February 2017.


See what the founding fathers and experts behind the ISO 15118 standard have to say about my e-book and video tutorial.  

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